On this web page you can find some information about the book I wrote and myself. If you have any question to me, you can leave me a message in the contact folder. If you want you can become my friend in renren. Please follow the link: “Hello my dear friend,  thank you for visting my web page. ” During my career in big international top rated companies I had the chance to work on an international level with different people over the world. I learned to do my job as a purchasing and engineering manager in a professional way and I learned about the differences of business cultures and how to treat them. Based on this 20 years long experience I decided to write down this knowledge in a book. Because my main business focus is in China the idea come to me to write especially a book for all my Chinese friends, which want to learn more about international business. Because of Chinas growing strength in international business, there are more and more international experienced people needed and this book will be a big help for all of them. “Welcome to my Hompage”